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I believe that ideas change our world, that we create reality by our thoughts, that thoughts will be an avalanche of solutions, I believe in the patience, that finds a grain of truth behind every lie, I believe in the inadequacy, of the rest, and yet that others are right, that problems are a learning opportunity, the healing power of boredom, the serenity of the here and now, those letters that come from my heart, my mind (more the back of my head), the smile, the listening, the friendliness and the innocence, in the time that we have and the people in it, it is helpful sometimes to count to ten, to keep calm in the eye of the storm, not to catch every ball somebody throws at me, always into the love and that red cars drive faster than blue ones.









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NEW!   Logodesign for BumF

Logodesign for Bundesfachverband für unbegleitete minderjährige Flüchtlinge / Federal Association for Unaccompanied Minor Refugees

BumF: http://www.b-umf.de


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The entire presentation:

Thank you to everyone at BumF for making such a lovely co-operation and a special thanks to Mr Jona Bauer.


Jona Bauer: http://whaleweb-design.de