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"CONNECT-ME-NOW" is a non-commercial project set up on Facebook in 2010. Its objective is to connect creative specialists from every discipline, with people or organisations that need their creative services. For this reason there are different groups, covering a range of creative disciplines. The process could not be more simple; you post whatever service you need or project you have in mind, then sit back and see what offers you get.

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NEW ! Creative Jobs SA

Check out our new group for South Africa - a CONNECT-ME-NOW project in collaboration with German copywriter, Thomas Fiehn, who has lived and worked in South Africa for ten years. He came up with the idea of making the network available for SA’s creative industries in order to benefit both the local business and the network. The CONNECT-ME-NOW team loves the idea and so we’re proudly presenting our first group outside of Europe: Creative Jobs SA.


The network is a massive success in Europe with 25+ groups in 5 countries and more than 120,000 members from various creative backgrounds (such as film, design, writing, photography, music, publishing, multimedia, etc.). Many great agencies and organisations have joined our groups and numerous creatives have found jobs and projects. Help making it a success in South Africa, too - join and share today.

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Our new admin for South Africa

Thomas Fiehn: Thomas has been around in the creative industries for 20 years and spent half of the time in Cape Town, South Africa. He is currently working as a freelance copywriter and concept designer in Hamburg, Germany. For any queries contact him directly via Facebook or on LinkedIn


For further background information you can find a visual résumé on his website




Christmas Charity Initiative 2014 for Amandla Edufootball in South Africa

In December 2014 we gave the members of our groups the opportunity to say thank you by donating to Amandla, an organisation built to drive social change for kids and young people in South Africa. As the winner of the Soccer World Cup in 2014, we encouraged our German members to “Donate like a World Champion”.


More on the Amandla project:


The project was a Cooperation with the Cologne-based agency Steinrücke+ich: